The data skills gap is growing

With data vacancies exceeding the number of data professionals to fill them, it might feel like supporting your organisation’s data-strategy is an uphill battle. That means you need to maximise the resource you already have and take an innovative approach to recruitment; both of which are centred around skills-building.

We’ve put together some content to help guide you build data capability in your workforce and acquire new talent in a competitive market.

Whitepapers and thought leadership

Why data skills are becoming the hottest commodity in the financial services sector

Over the last two decades, technological innovation has significantly impacted the financial services sector. From the way that customers interact with banks to the way that businesses build teams, almost every part of the sector has changed to some degree. And at the heart of it all? Data.

In this whitepaper, we cover:

  • Why there has been a rise in data analyst vacancies across the financial services sector.
  • The reasons banks are finding it a challenge to find the talent they need.
  • The four big data trends transforming the sector.
  • How banks and financial service companies can build their digital capabilities.

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AI: Innovating the Digital Revolution

The transformative growth of AI will have many revolutionary effects on your business, and the way it handles data. If you implement AI correctly – with the right infrastructure, strategies, and human intelligence – you will experience real results. So, what can AI actually do for your data, in tangible terms? And what is the future of data, in view of the rise of the AI?

In this whitepaper, we cover:

  • What exactly we mean when we say, "Using AI".
  • AWS AI: The Accessible Artificial Intelligence.
  • What AI can do for your data.
  • Developing an AI-literate workforce.

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Case Studies

Growing data capability and careers at NHS Northumbria

Learn how QA’s data apprenticeships helped NHS Northumbria Healthcare to grow their data workforce of the future. Hear how apprentice Laura learnt the skills needed to better interpret NHS data in an increasingly complex and digitised working environment.

Pille’s Tech Bootcamp Journey

Pilleriina arrived in London from Estonia, not knowing a single person. She thought she had made a mistake, and having previously been in hospitality, the pandemic turned her life upside down. Then her work coach told her about free Bootcamps at QA.

Check out our data-insights blog series

Take at look at the insights of our resident data-expert, David Pool, and see what he has to say about the latest trends and news in the world of data.

How to foster a data-driven culture

Organisations that are embracing a data-driven approach have a distinct competitive advantage. At the heart of this transformation lies the concept of 'data culture' – a mindset and set of practices that place data at the centre of decision-making processes. Learn how you can embed this culture in your organisation.

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How to kick-start a modern data strategy in 2023

Is your data strategy fit for purpose? Do you definitely have a data strategy? The pace of technological change is rapid, and it might feel hard to keep your data approach innovative and effective. In this blog, we examine the tools you can use to create a future-facing data strategy that delivers results.

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Bringing order to chaos: turning unstructured data into insights

While structured data is relatively easy to manage and analyse, unstructured data is more challenging. It doesn’t fit into traditional database systems, and requires powerful technologies, such as Google Data Cloud, to process it. Yet the insights that unstructured data can yield can be truly game-changing.

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