What is change management?

Business change is not just about building things and rolling them out. It also involves engaging with stakeholders and ensuring the right change is delivered at the right time, in the right way. Change management ensures that the new products and processes you introduce into your organisation “stick” by engaging with stakeholders, understanding the work needed after delivery, and reporting on success.

Change management provides for the tracking of benefits, and includes stakeholder engagement to ensure that your management can see the value of your work and thus will support it.

The benefits of change management training

Do you find that your change work is unsuccessful, for whatever reason? Does your staff find accepting change difficult? Employee resistance is the single most significant contributor to the failure of change initiatives (KPMG). In 2016, 96% of organisations reported they were undergoing change, but only 47% of those reported realising sustainable value from it (KPMG). And 46% of senior management surveyed states that culture change was their biggest challenge for digital transformation (KPMG).

QA can help your organisation with change management training if:

  • You find that your changes don’t “stick” and people revert to old ways or find workarounds.
  • You find that the changes do not deliver the benefits you hoped they would.
  • You feel you have a lack of support from your senior stakeholders.

Why train with QA?

  • QA's change management training includes “post-transition” activities to ensure that change becomes embedded, and thus standard practice.
  • We use our experience of Project, Programme and Portfolio Management to discuss change management in context.
  • Our courses are highly interactive with plenty of opportunities to discuss delegates’ specific risks.
  • QA has worked closely with APMG International for over 15 years, offer range of courses and qualifications. 
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