Risk Management Training

What is risk management?

Risk management is the discipline of trying to control uncertainty. All change involves uncertainty, and managing uncertainty – or risk – is fundamental to an organisation's project, programme and portfolio management, helping to identify, assess and control risks and put in place effective frameworks for making informed decisions.

Not managing risk is commonly recognised as a major cause of project and programme failure. 68% of organisations say their business leaders don’t understand how threats can impact the organisation (Ponemon). 92% of CEOs say that information about risk is critical to success. But only 23% believe they have the right information and approach to risk management (Ponemon).

Why you may need risk management training

Do you find that problems hit you out of the blue that, with hindsight, you could have seen coming? Do you find that your work runs over budget and timescale due to unforeseen events? Consider risk management training if:

  • You need to “get ahead” of problems, rather than “firefight” them when they happen.
  • You need to accurately budget for uncertainty to make informed decisions.
  • You need to ensure risks are recognised and managed effectively.

The benefits of risk management training

  • Risk management techniques allow everyone to identify potential threats and counteract them before they happen.
  • Knowing the level of uncertainty you face allows you to identify budget you can set aside to deal with these uncertainties – should they occur.
  • Risk management identifies owners to ensure that specific risks are focused on.

Why train with QA?

  • We use our experience in project, programme and portfolio management to ensure that risk management is discussed in context.
  • Our courses are highly interactive with plenty of opportunities to discuss your specific risks.
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