Software Engineering Training

QA offers a range of software engineering training products that put practical project delivery at the heart of our learning. We do this by combining practical, project-focused learning with bursts of theory, so engineers can build real-world solutions to solve modern business problems. 

Our QA Talent Academy has operated in the software industry for a number of years, offering bootcamp-style training lasting up to 14 weeks in a range of different technologies, tools and practices. This approach equips our software engineers with all of the skills required to develop scalable, enterprise, end-to-end applications, while also appreciating and interacting with all other aspects of the software development lifecycle.

Alongside our Academy, we also offer Level 3 Software Development Technician and Level 4 Software Developer apprenticeship programmes.

Finally, QA's Software practice runs 70 software engineering training courses. Our front-end programmes prepare engineers with the understanding of modern technologies, patterns and paradigms to build front-end applications with leading technologies such as ReactJS and Angular. Our back-end programmes equip software engineers with key technical skills, languages, patterns and development techniques to build robust, concurrent and secure server-side solutions using languages such as Python, Java, C#, Scala and JavaScript.

Software Engineering at QA

  • 2,000+ software engineers deployed into QA customers via our enable, re-skill and accelerate programmes since 2017.
  • 1,500+ software apprentices trained since 2017.
  • On average, learners rate us 7 out of 10 for our Software Engineering training.
  • Red Hat Training Partner Reseller of the Year, EMEA, 2020.
  • Microsoft Gold Learning Partner.
  • Trained over 2,000 Java clients (12 months starting 1st of Jan 2019).
  • Oracle Approved Education Partner.
  • Our clients include Nationwide, Capgemini and BAE.


Learning Paths

Software Engineering learning paths

Want to boost your career in software engineering? Click on the roles below to see QA's learning pathways, specially designed to give you the skills to succeed.

Required Star = Required
Certification = Certification
Front End Developer
Back End Developer Java
Back End Developer .NET
Cloud Developer AWS
Cloud Developer Azure
Application Security
Secure Coding


Software Development apprenticeships

Hire talent

Tech bootcamps: the faster way to reskill

What if you could get the tech talent you need at speed while being absolutely confident that said talent will hit the ground running and can adapt to business practices quickly?

Our tech bootcamps offer up to 14 weeks of training in a range of modern software tools and technologies that spans across the entirety of the software development lifecycle. Whether you need a front-end developer, a back-end engineer or a combination of both, our QA bootcamp will equip learners with all of the skills they need to start contributing towards the management of enterprise-level applications.

We recognise that there are times when retaining talent and business expertise is preferable to hiring or upskilling from scratch; we've listed, and this is why we've developed QA tech bootcamps to help you achieve this.


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