Why do Business Analysis & Systems Design courses?

Keeping up with rapid change is essential for organisations to continue functioning: maximising the benefits your organisation can reap from this rapid change is where the competitive advantage lies. That’s where Business Analysis & Systems Design comes in.

QA’s Business Analysis and Systems Design (BASD) portfolio can ensure that your people are maximising business value at every step: whether you’re making sure that new systems live up to expectations, checking that processes deliver the right outcomes or ensuring that software and products are fit for purpose.

Our training offering is suitable for a range of roles, including Business Analyst, but also Business Systems Analyst and Systems Analysts, as well as other areas, such as management or quality assurance, which combine knowledge of business analysis with their other responsibilities.

At QA, our BASD facilitators are experts who’ve been in the field, both in-house as business analysts and as consultants helping organisations implement full business analysis strategies.

Our learners have given us a vote of confidence with an NPS Score of 8.7/10, and we’re always working to take it higher.

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Our experts work with the biggest names in the industry to help make sure your products and software are fit for purpose.


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