National Cybercrime Programme overview

The training is funded via the national programme and is available to all staff and officers working in dedicated cybercrime roles and units across the country, at force and regional level.

In addition, the team has made available a number of resources and tools to further support the development of capabilities and skills across the network in the fight against cybercrime.

The information here will give you a detailed overview of what each course covers and what skill level and role it is aimed at. It is anticipated the national training will provide all the training required to fulfil most standard roles within a local cybercrime unit.

The national courses should be completed before any additional training is required or requested. The exception to this is vendor-specific training, which will be provided on request where necessary.

To book training, please contact your Regional Coordinator.

Outstanding Cyber Security Training/Awareness Initiative

NPCC National Cybercrime Programme

The NPCC Cybercrime Training Programme provides police forces in England and Wales with the skills needed to be able to respond to a report of cybercrime and fully investigate any criminal activity, prosecute offenders where necessary but also divert individuals on the cusp of criminal activity on to productive paths. The Programme gives staff the technical skill to advise and protect individuals and organisations in cyber security to help better protect themselves against cybercrime.


The programme ranges from the foundation course to role-specific and specialist/advanced courses.

NPCC Cybercrime Computing & Networking Foundation

Booking courses

How to book a training course

Public Offering (virtual seats)

Booking a place on our public cybercrime courses by using the links below.

Private Offering (virtual and face to face cohorts)

To book a private class, please contact with your details.