What is CompTIA?

The CompTIA curriculum offers industry-recognised certifications that cover a broad range of vendor-agnostic technologies, perfect for an individual starting within the IT industry or someone looking to enhance their skills in a new direction. 

The A+ certification and training program has historically been seen as a staple introduction to most things "IT". This vendor-neutral collection of courses and certifications covers a spectrum of topics from operating system configuration to security, hardware, software, networking, on-premise solutions, cloud and everything in between. An ideal starting point for the IT journey.

The Network+ certification offers an appreciation of disparate network technologies, together with an understanding of different troubleshooting, configuring and managing techniques and technologies. The learner is trained in physical configuration to routing optimisation.

The Security+ track offers an introduction to different security best practices and methodologies. The learner gains hands-on experience with cybersecurity, incident response, forensics, risk assessment and management.

Why do CompTIA training with QA?

  • QA's industry-leading instructors each have over 20 years of experience. They have instructors with supporting knowledge, certifications and accreditation in multiple areas, including Microsoft, Apple and VMware, on-prem and cloud.
  • With QA, you get access to LOD lab for 12 months.


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