QA offers courses and apprenticeships in personal development, communication and team skills, change leadership and more to help ensure that tech teams have the personal skills to unlock technological and digital success.

Leadership skills for digital success

“It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.” - Steve Jobs

Digital transformation is about much more than technology. Delivering change requires organisations to adapt and transform processes, skillsets and attitudes in order to improve digital leadership and empower tech teams.

Why is personal development important for digital transformation?

With miscommunications estimated to cost businesses around $1.2 trillion a year, improving communication skills, personal development and digital leadership training should be a priority for any organisation.

According to McKinsey, 70% of digital transformation initiatives fall short of their goals, yet only 42% of organisations are emphasising communication and emerging technology skills. But when frontline employees take the initiative to drive change, the success of digital transformations rises to 71%. To get to that point, organisations need to transform their people into change makers.

How QA can help deliver leadership skills for your tech teams

QA offers training in a range of digital leadership skills to help everybody from first-time managers through to experienced leaders to become more effective and have a positive impact on digital transformation.

Our courses cover four key skills:

People Skills

Understand how to empower, motivate and develop people to achieve their best.

  • Learn effective coaching skills
  • Improve management of wellbeing and resilience.
  • Intelligent problem-solving and decision-making.

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Soft Skills courses

Professional Development courses

Coaching & Mentoring courses

Personal Development courses

Team Skills

How to build and sustain high-performing teams able to navigate a changing business landscape.

  • Management and leadership transition.
  • Developing tech teams and managing performance.
  • Diversity and inclusion.

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Leadership courses

Management courses

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ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management

Digital Skills

Skills to support communication, collaboration and productivity. Demonstrating Digital Fluency.

  • Enhance your written and spoken communications.
  • Presenting with impact.

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Communication courses

Digital applications courses

Business Skills

Commercial understanding and ability to harness the other three skill areas to drive outcomes in the hybrid workplace.

  • Increase your personal impact
  • Driving change in digital transformation
  • Relationship management
  • Successful hybrid working

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Change Management courses

Why do Management, Leading & Personal Effectiveness training with QA?


At QA, we live and breathe digital transformation. As a company that upskills individuals with both technical and human skills, we've seen "both sides of the coin" and understand the challenges technical professionals face, because we encounter them every day.


Our Senior Learning Consultants work continuously with clients to understand their challenges and needs, through large-scale transformation programmes, tailored courses for specific organisations and 100s of individually focused public courses. This ensures relevant, results-focused development for our learners.


Our pathways aim to engage learners by giving them control over their own development. Your teams can set the pace and direction of their learning through selecting the pathways that best suit their real-life needs, learning styles and time-commitments. QAs trainers make use of 1:1 sessions, group think-tanks and workplace based tasks to support learners in every step of their professional journey.

Jill Shepherd

Meet the Digital Leadership Practice Director

Jill Shepherd

“I work to help client organisations and the people within them make the most of learning and development in a tech driven, VUCA and BANI world. I do so by using innovative ideas to embrace learning in ways that are personalised and yet also valuable to society and organisations.”

Find out more about Jill

Case study: Radius Payment Solutions

Find out how Europe's leading independent fleet and logistics service provider improved their IT support desk customer service with the help of QA's specialist training.

The challenge:

As Radius expanded its technology offering, the IT Support Desk became a more prominent player in customer experience – however the risk was that many of the team, hired for their technical expertise, were unfamiliar with customer-service best practices.

The solution:

QA and Radius agreed on a fully blended solution to build value for enhancing the customer service experience provided by the Radius IT Department, and provide the insight into ‘best practice’ needed for a high standard moving forward.

The outcome:

“The collaborative and inclusive approach in the classroom … provided a fertile environment for the growth of ideas amongst our team. Our team then used these ideas and invested their time and energies into creating a Customer Service Charter which will provide the ongoing legacy of this training.”

Tony Shaw
Radius Payment Solutions

Radius logo

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